Sunday, August 21, 2011

Isn't life crazy! For those of you who don't know we moved to El Paso, Texas in May. So I guess we have been here for 4 months already. CRAZY! And I haven't even blogged about it yet. Huh...shocker. I am not very good at this thing. Well we love it here in El Paso. We are always busy with family, work, school, football, birthdays. I pretty much don't have any free weekends anymore. Don't get me wrong I do miss quite a bit about Arizona. Although I am glad I don't live there now. I DON'T miss the 120 degree weather. I do miss our friends and family from the good ole AZ though. We will be visiting soon. So we just moved into our own apartment at the first of July. We lived with one of Quin's brothers and their family until we got settled and found a place. They were so great to let us live there. We really appreciated it Greg & Kami! THANKS!!! I still have a few pictures to hang but for the most part I am starting to actually feel like we live here instead of just visiting. We spoke in church on Sunday and now both have callings in our ward. So I guess we are here to stay. I was so blessed to find a job only a week after moving here. My wonderful Sis. in law was working for a Lending Company helping part time processing mortgage loans. I had an interview and they told me I had the job on the spot!! That has never happened to me before. I really love my job! I must have been really burnt out of Tax returns. Can you blame me. Now I have my own office and I don't have to answer phones. They actually treat you like a person here. I don't feel guilty for asking for time off. In fact they are so great and tell me to take whatever I need. I have never had that before. Anyway I like my job. Quin is enjoying his as well. He still has another year and half left of school. He is so tired of school but I keep telling him 1 1/2 isn't that long. I am proud of him. He is getting all A's. He works really hard! We are loving life here in THE BIG TEXAS! I can't wait for summer to get over though. I can't stand the heat and the humidity. Its a killer!

This is a big catch up on Photo's!

 I did my first 10k in January! Wow I haven't posted in FOREVER!

Brittney, my mom and my aunt Lucy did Londons Run too! So proud of them.
I am going to run a 1/2 marathon in December!! Whoo Hooo! Wish me luck!

 Brittney & Casey took us repelling in Snowflake!
 I was so freakin scared. But I am glad I did it!

Quin was way braver than me!I did it once and I was good!

This was an art exhibit at the arts center in Mesa, AZ.
It was awesome. It felt like we stepped into a DR. SEUSS book.
We went with some of our Best Friends Paul & Carrie!
They were so much fun!

Cody went into the Air force this last year! I am so proud of him!
We went to a Diamond Backs game!

Poker Night in El Paso with the Hatch's. Quin and Travis
were the bar tenders they mixed drinks for all of us. Some were
great and some were pretty gross! And yes that is my husband
wearing white shoes. He is HOTT I know!
I learned that I wasn't the best at some of the card
games. But I got lucky!
Braxton came down stairs and decided he would  be the
bouncer. Just in case anyone got out of hand! ;-)

 Quin turned 26. We went to Texas Roadhouse with
all of his family. He was a good sport and got on the saddle!
 Balloon festival in New Mexico!

 Quin was a little cranky! Guess he didn't really want
to wake up early to see all the balloons! But I did!
 Cody graduated from Lackland Airforce Base!
He is so stinkin skinny and tall!
 The Alamo! It is such a sad story.
 Beautiful Brittney! I miss her so much! I wish she
wasn't so far away!
 4th of July in El Paso...well its fun with family.
Definitely not the best parade but it will do.

 We always stay up really late when we get together.
Dad never makes it! Over the years its been harder
and harder for him to stay awake!
 He was so tired he fell asleep on a canister of mixed nuts!

 Tori was baptised this July. I can't believe how big she is!
We tried to get a family picture...  : )

This summer has been crazy! But we are surviving! It is different but I like it. We have definitely had some new adventures here in El Paso. We really enjoy being with a lot of family.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catch up!

Just for everyones info I have been taking pictures. So if you get tired of looking I completely understand. It took me forever to upload them all. I ran my first race. It was a stake triathlon. When I finished I wished I would have done the whole thing instead of just the running. Oh well there is always next time. It was awesome having the feeling of accomplishment. Now onto a 10k...and shortly after that a 1/2 marathon. Quin was my number one fan! Aren't you all so jealous. I know I would be!! He wanted to be so supportive he couldn't do any of the events. He had to focus on being my cheerleader! ha ha

Then we had Halloween. The pictures I have aren't to fabulous because I forgot to turn my flash on. I know total Shanell moment. I was Lucy and Quin was Ricardo. Ya know I LOVE LUCY!!! We went to a party that some of our friends had. Thanks again Anthony and Holly. We had a ton of fun. It is the only way I can get Quin to dress up is if we have a party or something to go to. So someone please invite us every year. :0) Is it bad that I enjoy making him do things he wouldn't normally do...I think not. Hello its called getting out of your comfort zone people.

Then my amazing b.f.f. Shay got tickets for SYTYCD. If your reading this and don't know what that means then you shouldn't be reading. I am not going to clarify...sorry! ;0) It was amazing. I am definitely going to try my best to make this a yearly accurance. The only horrible thing was that the dancers didn't come out at the end to meet the fans. Ya know take pictures and sign autographs. It was sooooo lame! Little girls were crying it was awful. I had a blast. It was great going with Shay and her 2 cute little sista's!!

This last Saturday was my cousin Kyle's Birthday party. I told my aunt I would help her out. Well he is really into BMX Racing. The whole family is. So they rented the track out. It was way fun. Especially because Quin always gives him a hard time about it. Ya know saying "It's a girls sport and stuff!" So when Quin decided he would try it all the kids at the party gathered around to watch and race. They all one of course. It is way harder than it looks. My heart was in my throat the whole entire time. But I did it twice! Yes I was proud of myself. And my legs they BURNED! Great exercise though. We have had a great few months. Extremely busy but we wouldn't have it any other way. Hope everyone has a great day!

#1 Fan!

I decided I don't look too great with red hair.

I will leave it up to my sisters.

Did I mention that I love this girl. She is awesome

for getting us the tickets for SYTYCD!

It would not have been the same without her.

Oh and isn't she GORGEOUS!!!

Quin on his bike....yes he did beat me when we raced.
I am ashamed!!!

NO COMMENT! I know I look like
a complete dork!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

She finally came! Warning! Picture overload.

Presley Maeve! Congratulations to Berk and Margo!! She had this beautiful baby girl this morning. She is so tiny and quiet. Very different from her older brother Kolby. I hope Margo doesn't mind that I posted a few pictures. I couldn't help myself. Kolby was so stinkin cute. He loves his little sister so much already. And is constantly wanting to look at her and hold her. I am still so amazed at what a wonderful blessing from heaven these sweet little babies are. Can't wait to see how she holds up in this Hatch family of ours. She has such a quiet cry. Hopefully she can keep up with her older brother. :-)

Getting her her foot prints done!

I love Kolby's cheesy grin!

Perhaps pregnancies are contagious! ;-)

The cheesy grins just get better!

OH MAN! I could have stayed there all day and
held that baby girl! She is so precious.

Yes I think I might need one of these soon!!
Thanks Margo for letting me experience what I did with you. You are an amazing woman. And you did a great job. Especially with Berk & Quin hanging out watching the football game on TV. I am sure their comments didn't help with the contractions! Good thing you kicked em out! She is a beautiful girl! Can't wait to get to know her more!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer 2010

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about my blog. I just lack the motivation to post anything. I finally uploaded pictures from my camera. So I am going to try and recall some of the summer events. It won't hurt my feelings if you look at the pictures and not read the post.

-Quin's 25th Birthday/ Braxton's basketball tournament in Phoenix

At the end of May we had family in town. It turned out great since it was Quin's birthday. We watched Braxton play in his basketball games, had dinner for Quin's birthday, and watched a pretty funny movie! (Just ask my bro in law Travis) ;-) haha We always love hanging out with family.

-4th of July in Texas!
We always love going to Texas. We can't wait until we get to move there some day. We went to the parade, had a BBQ, went swimming, and shooting in the desert. Quin loves shooting his guns. Real quick story about the desert. I was sitting by my mother in law and sister in laws when all of a sudden there is a huge, hairy, black tarantula!!! Luckily we spotted it before it crawled up Margo's leg. So we all calmly yelled for the "guys". Who of course were in there own world shooting there guns. So they didn't "hear" us. So we yelled louder. They came running over and kicked it out of the way and then we got in trouble for freaking out. Which I don't think is fair. I mean come on it was a huge spider!! I am not sorry for my actions. Quin laughed at me and my craziness after the spider incident. The rest of the evening I kept my feet hoisted in the air so nothing could crawl on me. You have to take the necessary precautions when your in the wild! ha ha Yes I know I am crazy! We had a blast in El Paso and can't wait to see everyone again soon!

Quin and his El Paso/Texas shirt that he bought at Walgreen's right before the parade.

-LoLo's Chicken & Waffles/D-Backs Game with Friends

We love hanging out with some of our best friends Cooper and Shalyn. Quin wanted them to experience Chicken and Waffles before we went to the game. We had a great time. The game was well...I think they won. But the only reason I went was for the fire works afterwards.

We have had a great summer and can't wait for the holidays to come so we can see family! And we are going on a Cruise for our Anniversary and just because we haven't gone on a vacation since we got married. I am so excited!! Now I just have to get lookin better in a swimsuit!! I better keep runnin!!